Thank you
2015 EGG PROJECT Participants:

James Seastrand Helping Hands of North Las Vegas

US Vets, Las Vegas

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

                               This year EGGSTERS
from D.L. Dusty Dickens Elementary School granted $3,000 to US Vets Las Vegas through the EGG Project! To learn how you can participate in EGG 2016 as a school or nonprofit agency, please contact us at

A very special thanks goes out to our 2015 EGG teachers, students, school administrators and presenters.



OUR VISION is that children can fulfill their full potential as successful, caring, and generous adolescents and adults if their natural gifts, talents, and virtues are nurtured and developed. 

OUR MISSION is to create educational, social, and cultural programs and services, as well as to support such programs which serve underprivileged youth. We hope that through such programs and services, one day no child will endure hardship for the lack of essential educational, domestic, health-related, or social necessities, and shall have equal and ample opportunity to realize a fulfilling life.

WE VALUE human beings, especially children, for their gift of and great capacity for kindness. We believe all humankind is essentially good and that goodness can be cultivated by kindness and generous examples. Children should be given every opportunity to develop and find the responsible, kind, compassionate essence of being human, as well as to enjoy the blessings of youth and the process of growing up without preventable hardship.


  • To support those organizations which share our values.
  • To meet and exceed the basic needs of children whose current circumstances may prevent their future success.
  • To create a communitythrough programs, scholarships, grants and special eventsthat appreciates children and provides them with valuable opportunities, superior examples of kindness and responsibility, and hope for the future.