Thank you 2016 EGG PROJECT Participants:

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

Keep Memory Alive, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Leaders in Training

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

Goodwill Industries

This year EGGSTERS
from D.L. Dusty Dickens Elementary Schools granted $3,000 to Legal Aid Center of SNV and $2,000 to Keep Memory Alive through the EGG Project! 

To learn how you can participate in EGG 2017 as a school or nonprofit agency, please contact us at nazaninford@

A very special thanks goes out to our 2016 EGG teachers, students, school administrators and presenters.

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In 2011, the board established Every Generation Gives (aka, the EGG Project) as a pilot program to introduce and promote philanthropy, social responsibility, and volunteerism among young students. With the inception of EGG, the Foundation created unique programming that promotes its mission to lift children above their circumstances through philanthropy, which was one of the Foundation’s original goals.

The EGG Project puts fifth graders in charge of granting funds to local nonprofits by making them the philanthropists. Along the way, students gain critical thinking, communication, research and life skills.

Since its inception, EGG has taken place after students return from spring break until the end of the year. The EGG Project is conducted in three stages: first, students meet presenters from local non-profits who act as the experts on various causes; second, students form small groups to research and eventually represent those same causes in peer presentations and debate panels; finally, students vote to grant their funds to the agencies representing the causes that receive the largest number of votes.

Throughout the EGG Project, Eggsters (the students) are given writing, researching, and “thinking” assignments, which they complete in their EGG Notebooks. Students are also given before and after assessments of their questioning and critical thinking skills, so as to measure growth. By working with teachers to create EGG, we’ve incorporated both Clark County School District and national curriculum standards in critical thinking, questioning skills, writing and reading comprehension, and more.

In the first phase, Eggsters are introduced to causes/needs in the community as they are represented by local non-profits. The students prepare for the “experts” representing the causes by getting an introduction to the cause and drafting questions for the presenter. In the second phase, they are given the assignment of becoming the experts on one of the presented causes. Once they delve into a cause, such as poverty, they learn not only the problems and needs, but some of the solutions developed to help people. Through this interaction with local non-profits and research that they conduct on their own, they develop an argument for why their peers should grant money to their cause. They present their knowledge of their cause in position papers and peer presentations. Finally, one to two members of each cause-group represents the entire group in a debate panel where they defend the need to grant money to their cause.

In the final phase of EGG, every student votes to allot their grant to the local agencies that represented the causes. This phase rewards students for their hard work with a catered lunch for those who received the best grades for their group work. On the last day of the EGG Project, the winning organizations are invited back to receive their checks in front of all the Eggsters and view a slideshow of the students throughout the project.

Eggsters have the opportunity to learn so much more than the assignments involved in conducting EGG. By meeting and working with engaged professionals in the community they are exposed to more than that individual’s knowledge of their field or the organization they work for. Students are exposed to career paths and tracks to success, they observe skilled speakers and presenters, and have the opportunity to connect with an adult outside of their normal scope. After this phase of the project, they practice their own researching, professional phone and emailing skills, and are charged with making their own presentations and defending their cause against others’.

By having the chance to grant to these organizations, students are empowered to believe that they can be a part of a solution to society’s daunting problems. This belief, we hope and trust, is something that they carry into the future as problem-solvers. The project constantly emphasizes the work we can all do to alleviate problems for others—through giving our time, talent, or resources. In the end, Eggsters learn the interconnection and importance of all the causes and may find something they are passionate about contributing to with their talents.

We'd like to thank the teachers of D.L. Dickens Elementary Schools, the participating nonprofits, all of our presenters, and, of course, our Eggsters for all of their hard work, time and enthusiasm.

To learn more about the EGG Project, or to participate, please don't hesitate to contact us at